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web2 Local Flair: The photos are AMAZING! Tell us where you are on this project?
Anthony Farda: When I look back at the photo of the two excavators sitting on the ridge, I can’t believe how far we have come on this project. We have created a quarter-mile long driveway, and half-mile long drive to access the septic site. The septic has been installed, underground utilities laid, the well pounded and the house built, and many of the landscaping projects are complete.

Local Flair: And all of that completed by Farda Landscaping and Excavating?
Anthony: Any aspects pertaining to excavation and landscaping for these projects have been completed in-house by Farda Landscaping with our own equipment and operators.

Local Flair: We’re eager to hear more about the landscaping projects. The stonework is stunning.
Anthony: Last issue, we talked about the challenges of the grades for this site. We have completed some massive stone retaining walls where the walk-out basement climbs to the front elevation. Sourcing as much stone from the site as we could, we built boulder steps into the wall that is pictured here. The end design really complements the location of the house in relation to the site and the surrounding vistas.

We have also completed front and rear stone porches with Pennsylvania bluestone, along with stone front walks from the same material. The front elevation offers a beautiful foundation planting web1and front lawn. The plant material was carefully chosen for interest spanning the seasons. The growing habits, bloom times and even the bark textures were carefully curated.

What I love about projects like this is working with naturally occurring materials. The hand-laid walls and walks really lend themselves to the wooded home site and the cottage simplicity of the home.  The rear flagstone porch will soon be converted to a three-season room to enjoy the endless views. In the spring, we will reveal outdoor entertaining areas.

Local Flair:  Are you seeing a trend in returning to more natural landscapes?
Anthony: The trend using manufactured paving and wall materials is still strong and relevant. One can create stunning outdoor living spaces using those materials, and they certainly are well-suited for many homes, especially new construction.  Endless possibilities exist with those products.

That said, I am seeing a movement to smaller, cozy and inviting homes and landscaping. I think that speaks to the popularity of TV renovation shows, in which smaller, older homes in established neighborhoods are reimagined and restored.

While this is new construction, the goal is for it to appear as if it’s always been here. The result is a seamless union with the natural beauty of the site.

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