Watch the Magic Unfold: Scene II

We sat down with Anthony Farda of Farda Landscaping and Excavating for an update on their featured project. For this second installment, we dove deeper into the planning process, and learned more about the scope of the project!


Local Flair: What was the plan for this site, and how did you determine your strategy for beginning this project?

Anthony: The features we have planned include a circular driveway, foundation plantings, a flagstone porch and patio, a water feature that includes a pond, and terraced walls with steps and plantings. All of the features will really complement each other.

Local Flair: It sounds very cohesive. What preparations were necessary to begin this project?

Anthony: Drainage considerations were addressed and installed as step one. We then backfilled as needed. Since this is a new construction we gave a lot of consideration to grade transition.

Local Flair: Were there any aspects of the site that required special consideration?

Anthony: Yes, definitely. This home has a steep slope from the front of the house to the basement entrance. Due to this, we are building walls that will both retain soil and create the necessary grade transition from the front of the home to the back of the home.

Local Flair: On a totally raw site like this one, how do you determine the order of operations for the job?

Anthony: Well, just as you start with the foundation of a home rather than the roof, this project had a clear starting point. As mentioned, we began with drainage, then added the walls in the back to support and retain the soil. We are working up and out, and are now moving on to a nice foundation planting. There is not instant gratification, but it’s really exciting to be involved from the ground up (no pun intended!). Instead of being called in to troubleshoot and fix overlooked things later, we have the opportunity to help the homeowner address these important considerations from the start.

Local Flair: You mentioned the features will include a flagstone porch and patio as well as terraced steps. What kinds of materials are being used to construct those?

Anthony: We have a neat opportunity here, because the home is located on a large parcel with many stone rows. For this reason we plan to source as much of the material as possible from the property. We’ve also brought in natural broken flagstone for the patio and porch floors. The homeowner is fond of white flowering trees and shrubs. With that in mind, we have selected some varieties of native and locally grown species, many of which are also deer-resistant! It’s very exciting to showcase the beauty of the natural materials and native species that we’re so lucky to have in the Poconos. It also lends to the creation of a timeless landscape.

Local Flair: How did you work with the homeowner to figure out their vision?

Anthony: We had many conversations about their vision for the property, because we needed to understand how they plan to use outdoor spaces. It’s a heavily wooded site and the house is located in such a way that it captures some fabulous views. They enjoy a more natural aesthetic with informal plantings and natural materials, so we created a plan to suit that. It’s their desire to have the landscaping blend seamlessly into the surroundings, which is a niche strength of ours.

Local Flair: How did the homeowner’s lifestyle impact the design?

Anthony: They love to entertain and spend a great deal of time outdoors. With this in mind we’re including lighting features throughout the landscape for ease of movement and safety. In addition, the porch will become an area that allows them to entertain and enjoy their outdoor space through all four seasons!

Stay tuned for the next issue of Local Flair as this project transforms into a
thing of beauty!


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