The Art of Shary Maloney by Kevin Conroy




A Talented Local Artist Comes Around to Her Individual Expressions

“Paint a circle.” Her years as an Army Sergeant in post-Cold War Germany did not prepare her for this moment. After all the not knowing, the confused trying, Shary Maloney knew with those words that she would paint.

Shary left the California Bay Area to settle with husband Kyle in Pennsylvania after seeing the beauty of the Pocono hills covered in a halo of snow. She became a mother, and when her son was old enough bought art supplies and tried to paint, with no idea how or where to begin.

At a painting class, host artist Anna Kazupski suggested Shary paint a circle, words that took on a spirit of their own to echo through her life. In her first year of painting, a change began to take shape in the way she saw things: Shary began to focus less on scenery and animals and create with layers of color and texture, compassing her panels with accumulated gesso and acrylic colors.

Today, Shary’s art begins with a vision that is revised again and again to bring out the color. We see this evolution in “Birches,” which displays her grasp of natural landscape and perspective through a palette of blue leaves and deep, red underbrush. “Heaven’s Glow II” is a riot of color and curved movement. Use of gold leaf is sometimes otherworldly, as in “Himalayan Night”, reflective material pierced through pigments may confuse viewers: these are some of the techniques that result in the moods and atmosphere of her work.

Viewpoint is central to some of her canvases. The sense of urban skyline is apparent in “The Heavens Glow,” while a neighborhood street view can be imagined in “Reappearance of Falling Square,” both in colors at once subtle and exciting.


To view several of Shary’s canvases, go to and search for Shary Maloney, where you will find displayed twenty or more of her works. Viewing her range, it is probable Shary Maloney has merely begun her creative circlet, and will captivate sophisticates and art amateurs alike for many canvases to come.

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