At Tannersville Physical Therapy, It’s (Not) Complicated!

By Karen Tetor

Ten years ago, Georgine Todd opened Tannersville Physical Therapy & Wellness Center with a vision. “I saw myself helping people in far more than a physical way, but also emotionally, mentally, “ she says. “I wanted to develop friendships, to have them trust me, to welcome me to their treatment table.”
“We get patients who are complicated,” smiles Georgine. Some have had surgery. Some have chronic pain or dizziness. Some have personal weight loss fitness goals. They enter a serene office bathed in color and light. Yet every turn in both the Tannersville and Marshall’s Creek Centers presents an arsenal of treatment options—including myofascial release, joint mobilization, craniosacral therapy and massage therapy. “But the bottom line is that we help guide you to fix yourself,” she explains. “I can design a treatment plan that incorporates symptom management and patient participation. This is key to relief.”

Relief for Lisa

tpt15Lisa is a “complicated” patient who professes, “Coming to the Tannersville Physical Therapy Center was one of the best decisions I have ever made.” Lisa’s ailments included Chiari I Malformation, as well as other health challenges that equated to brain surgery and severe back pain. “I had given up due to depression and pain,” she admits. Georgine began with a complete exam, followed by a plan of action. Lisa now travels on “this new road of well being,” led by the staff that “educated me, motivated me, and have been a comfort to me.” Lisa also credits “compassion that is second to none.”

Not Just a Knee

tpt26Complicated also means that a patient’s problems are not hinged only upon a knee or a neck. “We look at the whole person, not just one body part,” says Georgine. Back problems, for example, are often related to a need for weight loss and core strengthening. While cold laser, electric stimulation, ultrasound, or trigger-point release with Myofascial Tools offer welcomed relief, Georgine works to “empower patients to help themselves.” That power can come from yoga for increased flexibility and strength and/or colonics to alleviate symptoms of toxicity build-up, as well as a workout routine for toning and conditioning.

Ahh-some Environment

tpt20For those who expect a physical therapy center to have harsh florescent lighting, institutional white walls, and intimidating exercise equipment, Georgine offers a pleasant surprise. The office space befits a spa. Walls of windows and mirrors brighten a 1,700 square foot gym. The quiet yoga studio nestled on the upper level is conducive to the balancing of chi. Treatment rooms, accented in deep purple and sage, offer state-of-the-art equipment. In the summertime, yoga classes are conducted outside on the spacious lawn accompanied by the calming backdrop of the forest.

Georgine and her staff are passionate and committed to health and wellness. She invites anyone to stop in any time, during normal business hours, for a tour of the facility. “We’re here for you! And that’s not complicated,” Georgine assures.

Tannersville Physical Therapy is located on Route 715 South in Tannersville. For more information, call 570.629.4921 or visit


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