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McDade Trail

Patrick Foley - McDade Trail


picture by Patrick Foley

The trail extends most the length of the park and provides views of the river, charming streams, open farm fields, forests, and historic landscapes. The trail offers hikers, bikers, and cross-country skiers areas of varied difficulty, from easy to strenuous. With trail heads distributed between ½ and 5 miles apart, this trail offers a section for just about any visitor. 

“One of my favorite reasons is how my kids can explore and be safe doing so. Also we can make the hike as long or as short as we want. Not to mention how beautiful it is with the Delaware river on one side and mountains on the other.” – Patrick Foley 



Austin T. Blakeslee Natural Area

Andrew T. Bird - Austin T Blakeslee Natural Area

picture by Andrew T. Bird

A 2.3 mile loop trail that features a waterfall and is good for all skill levels. The trail is primarily used for hiking, walking, fishing and fly fishing and is accessible year-round. Dogs are also able to use this trail.

“After a short walk you will reach the section of enormous pine trees. This is my favorite section because it’s the quietest and surreal part of the hike.” – Andrew T. Bird


Brady’s Lake

bernadette calemmo sanborn - Bradys Lake

picture by Bernadette Calemmo Sanborn

A 3.7 mile loop trail located near Coolbaugh, Pa and is rated as a moderate hike. The trail is primarily used for hiking, walking, nature trips, mountain biking and is accessible from April-October. Dogs are also welcome.

“There are miles of trails to explore and welcomed moments of peaceful escape and mental escape from the distractions and nonsense of reality. These are the moments I enjoy, embrace and use to refresh my soul.” – Bernadette Calemmo Sanborn

George W. Child’s State Park

Cate Sullivan - Child's Park

picture by Taylor Muffley

An easy to moderate hike that features three main waterfalls: Factory Falls, Fulmer Falls and Deer Leap Falls. It is located a few miles upstream from Digman Falls and Silverthread Falls.

I love that this spot features a moderate to easy hike with boardwalks for easy access to three beautiful, scenic waterfalls.” – Caitlin Sullivan

Glen Onoko

Ed Tonkay - Glen Onko

                                                                                                                                                                                                                              picture by Ed Tonkay

This trail is “hike at your own risk,” due to its difficulty. This 4.1 mile hike is located near Weatherly, Pa. This trail features waterfalls and more activity options. Views of the forest, waterfalls and open scenery make it a great hike.

“I like to think it’s as close to Heaven as it gets in the Poconos, as the image speaks for itself. This is personally my favorite side of the Poconos and I spend quite a bit of time in my favorite Pa hamlet, Jim Thorpe.” – Ed Tonkay


Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area

James Chesnick - DWGNRA

picture by James Chesnick

The Delaware Water Gap National Rec. Area is a 40-mile stretch along both sides of the Delaware River. Visitors will see several waterfalls, streams, forests, wildlife and more. This scenic area offers over 8 hiking options. Distance ranges from 1.5 miles to 5 miles. Difficulty: Easy-Moderate.

“Finding great surprises to photograph!” – James Chesnick

Jacobsburg Park

Kate Benner - Jacobsburg Park

picture by Ian McElroy

A 6.7 mile heavily trafficked trail located between Nazarath and Belfast, Pa, that offers the chance to see wildlife, a waterfall, enormous trees and several sitting areas. The trail offers a number of activity options and historical value. Horses and dogs are also able to use this trail.

“My favorite part about hiking there is the fact that you’re bound to make a ton of new four legged friends. Dogs of all shapes and sizes are out and about enjoying the sunshine and splashing in the creek with their owners on any given day. Too often we forget how refreshing some fresh air and fun can be.” – Kate Benner


Promised Land

Ed Tonkay - Promised Land Lake

picture by Ed Tonkay

This state park offers around 50 miles of moderate hiking trails within the park and the surrounding Delaware State Forest. Hike Bruce Lake Trail to a natural glacial lake, see the small waterfalls along Little Falls Trail or walk a loop around Conservation Island.  Bruce: 10 mile look, Little Falls & Conservation Island: 1.4 miles

“Wild, rugged, far away from traffic, noise, people and all that is everyday life. You are surrounded by nature, wildlife and serenity. One of the last wild places left in the Poconos, where on any given day, there are more eagles than people.” – Ed Tonkay

Mount Minsi

Kevin J. Furst - Mount Minsi

picture by Kevin J. Furst

This is a 5.1 mile, round trip route. It is considered a moderate, uphill hike, with a couple of steep rocky areas. The return trip is more gradual, on a wooded road.  

“The moderate hike up Mount Minsi will take you along part of the Appalachian Trail through thick rhododendrons, rocky terrain and cool mountain streams, with several overlooks along the way.” 

– Kevin J. Furst 


Totts Gap

Natalie Miller Kish - Tots Gap

picture by Natalie Miller Kish

Hike from Totts Gap to Mount Minsi in 2.4 miles. This easy-moderate hike is good for people of all skill levels. Featuring a great views, a cave and wooded roads, it is one of the most common hiking spots.

“Not too easy, not too hard, perfect for hiking with kids! They love the man made cave and they know there is always a picnic with a view when we get to the clearing!” – Natalie Miller Kish

Bushkill Falls

Nicole Annunziata - Bushkill Falls

picture by Nicole Annunziata

The “Niagara of Pennsylvania,” shows an unique series of eight waterfalls, accessible through hiking trails (Green, Yellow, Blue & Red) and bridges, which allow beautiful views of the falls and surrounding forest. Distance: G: 15 minutes; no climbing, just steps/ Y: 45 min/ B: 1:45 min/ R: 2 hours – Easy-Difficult

“My favorite part of this hike is viewing the falls from the top and then hiking down to see it from the bottom and feeling the mist on your face. The red trail is my favorite because it covers all 8 trails.” – Nicole Annunziata 

Trail Head near Turtle Beach, NJ

Amber Rae

picture by Amber Rae

This trail intersects with the Appalachian Trail on the Pa side. The hike starts down near relics of old mines and wraps around beautiful creeks, but the terrain quickly changes as you make the ascent to the rock fields on top. The giant cairn, or stacks of rocks, you see are from Appalachian Trail hikers finishing the entire trail. 

“The best part is the giant cairn that you see in the background! Mr. Holden, the Bernese Mountain Dog, Lab mix, has to be careful not to knock over the rock cairn with his tail!” – Amber Rae

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