Peg Zukawski, Owner, Shear Design Slaon & Day Spa

PegZukawskiWhat inspires you as a salon and spa owner?

When I walk into the salon it continues to amaze me that so many private moments of complete attention and caring are going on around me. With the unending assistance from my husband Bryan and great management team, I can provide this beautiful space where so many in the community and beyond can continue to visit time after time, and feel at home.
Also, watching and sharing in each of my girls as they mature in their personal lives and grow to their maximum potential as professionals, this above all is most rewarding.

Talk about your journey as a woman at the top of your field and the challenges you faced along the way.

As a young stylist in the 60’s my thoughts were to be and do more than the average hairdresser. I was fortunate to have been hired by one of the top salons in Stroudsburg , the Malozi Salon. After a time, I was drawn in a different direction, and left to create my own culture. Hair design is a rapidly changing industry. Staying ahead of the curve was a challenge that fulfilled me.
The discovery of our beautiful church and buying it was a necessary step in having a successful business. Small business loans, a great accountant, and the help of a community bank was the answer.
After years of partnerships, becoming a sole owner seemed daunting. Developing a strong support system was the next hurdle. Luckily this process fell into place. Developing a fresh team was a welcome change.
Now after two years of stepping away from the chair, I can enjoy watching and sharing in the continuation of my dream. Many thanks to my manager Jean Tretheway, Bryan, and my talented staff!

Why did you get into the salon industry?
My love for art and creativity led me to an industry where every day has its challenges and rewards. The instant gratification of improving someone’s appearance and self-esteem, while loving what I do, was a true gift.
Developing lifelong relationships with co-workers as well as my clients was an unexpected bonus.

Do you sit on any boards?
I am the co-chairperson of the Annual Flower Show at the Pocono Garden Club.

In what ways have you learned to become adaptable and flexible?
The fashion industry evolves with the seasons, hair and make- up as well. My staff and I continue to this day with current cutting and coloring techniques based on the Vidal Sassoon and Wella philosophies.
Aside from the continued skill evolution in our art form, the salon industry has catapulted into the technological age. The creativity of my designers in social media has now become one of the driving forces for our business.
What would we do without our Constant Contact and computers! We’ve come a long way from the appointment book…

What is your advice to women seeking to rise in their profession?
Make learning your priority, never relax in your quest for perfection. Be confident and unyielding in your ideals, and above all, surround yourself with positive and like-minded people.

How would you define “success”?
As I look back on way too many years, I have few regrets. Success to me is the closeness of my employees, so many friends and loved ones, and a business that I’m proud of.

What are your strengths?
Sometimes I can see things others don’t. I have an eye for balance and beauty. I have always worked hard and played well with others.

How do you develop yourself and continue to improve?
I spend a lot of time listening to people in all industries who are wiser than me. I love learning and sharing what I’ve learned. Continuing education classes will always be part of my life. More recently, I’ve been working with my artistic designers in training our staff in every aspect of the industry.
I’ve fallen in love with gardening at my home in Blakeslee. This time of solitude and creativity helps me to be calmer and more open to the continual changes.

What are your “words to live by”?
Find something you love and use every opportunity to look at it, work at it and enjoy! 6

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