Nadine Ramos, Founder and President, Lasio, Inc.

NadineRamosWhat inspires you as the founder of Lasio, Inc.?

My inspiration comes from seeing how you can turn nothing into something, as long as you keep passionate to your dream and focused beyond measure.

Talk about your journey as a woman at the top of your field and the challenges you faced along the way.
Well, for starters, it hasn’t been an easy journey. I created a life-changing product in the beauty industry with no partners and limited resources. I worked my tail off to create a hair category for the “unknown product” which we know today as Keratin Treatments. The process is slow and hard when you do not have the financial support the bigger brands have.
When I saw the bigger brands jumping on the keratin bandwagon, it devastated me. They seemed to have exceeded Lasio in brand recognition and sales. What I did not realize, is that most of those brands would later not withstand the Keratin Category because of their inconsistencies and product concerns. I humbly announce that Lasio, Inc. is noted as one of the leading Keratin companies on the market today.

Talk about your journey into the wholesale beauty industry.
I remember it like it was yesterday. I don’t want to give my age away, so let’s just say… I wasn’t legal to drink. I had reached a crossroad in my life after losing my mother at a very young age. I grew up in a very loving, single family home with my mom and younger sister. After my mother’s loss, I had to grow up quickly. This is when I found myself deciding on what I was going to do for the rest of my life.
I could not fail, I had no security blanket, I had a major responsibility of taking care of my sister. One day my friend invited me to another friend’s house, where a Brazilian man was performing a hair service. The moment I saw him performing this service, I was in awe of the transformation it made on the hair.
I was instantly intrigued. He didn’t share about the product. Nobody knew what it was and how it truly worked. I knew I needed to have this product and do something amazing with it.
Long story short, I borrowed money from family and good friends, I booked a trip to Brazil and did not leave there until I found the underground product the man was using that day in my friend’s house. After a very long journey of borrowing money and paying it back, I worked with an amazing chemist and perfected what we now know today as Lasio Keratin Treatments.
It took years of dedication, passion and the ability to stay focused. I gave up my “young and fun years” to keep my dream alive. Failure was not an option. Although there were many times I wanted to give up, I could never bring myself to doing so because I always looked at how far I had come. The nothing I once had became something.

Do you sit on any boards?
Yes, I’m a board member of Thrive Collective in New York City.

In what ways have you learned to become adaptable and flexible in your job?
Employees have a great way of making you adaptable. They are all so different and come with many strengths and experiences. I learn every day how to adapt in the workplace because of who I work with daily. My employees keep me flexible, open-minded and motivated every single day. I have been blessed with a great team.

What is your advice to women seeking to rise in their profession?
Research, learn, and remain teachable. Rising takes perseverance and perseverance comes from inner strength and experience. So learn, learn, learn from everything you do.

How would you define “success”?
I define my success with mentorship. When you have learned and experienced, you can now mentor the next “go-getter” and rising entrepreneur.

What are your strengths?
My strengths come from my faith. I have to believe daily that my purpose is to continue to build Lasio and to impact lives in a positive and motivating way.

How do you develop yourself and continue to improve?
I try to stay grounded in my faith to keep positive and to keep my mind strong and unwavering. I develop new business strategies by networking with those in the beauty industry. I try to participate in attending as many seminars, trade show, webinars and anything industry-related as possible.

What are your “words to live by”?
Remain hungry and remain teachable because that is how you grow, learn and create.

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