Who runs the world? You or your curls? Busy moms have enough on their  hands trying to run their lives like a well-oiled machine. Waking up an extra hour early to style your curly hair so it looks as together as you do means one less hour of sleep. It’s for this exact reason that the’ messy mom bun’ was born. Why shouldn’t busy moms look as together as they do on the outside as they are on the inside? We have enough to worry  about and our hair should be the least of it. So, we went right to the source to find a solution for our messy mane. We asked Morisha G., a busy mom of two, who also happens to be the VP of Education for LASIO Professional  Haircare—widely celebrated as the first and only water-based application  in the Keratin Treatment category today—how she keeps her  curls alive and defined.
“Wash & go hair is a need, not a want,” says this superwoman  who travels to salons near and far educating our future LASIO keratin experts in training. Between taking her kids to gymnastics, Taekwondo, and  basketball, and creating the LASIO training curriculum, Morisha doesn’t have time to style her hair every day.  What are her secrets to living a  frizz-free life? She credits these three  products; LASIO’s Keratin Tropic treatment and Hypersilk’s Smoothing Balm and Advanced Serum aftercare products.

This power trio works together to keep this busy mom’s curls  alive and defined. “Less Product More Time,” is Morisha’s motto.
LASIO’s Keratin Tropic treatment (With up to 60% curl reduction, Keratin Tropic is perfect for women who embrace their curls but are seeking to eliminate frizz. Keratin Tropic is also great for women with fine hair who are seeking to maintain body while restoring  moisture) helps Morisha  maintain her curly locks for 3 MONTHS without having to apply a ton of product to her hair every morning.
Instead,  she describes her morning styling routine as her  “One Minute Miracle” and once we saw the results, we would have to agree.
Step 1: Towel dry hair
Step 2: Mix a dime size amount of Hypersilk Smoothing Balm with four drops of Hypersilk Advanced serum
Step 3: Apply this dynamic duo evenly throughout the hair And voila, Morisha has a quick curl refresher in less than a minute.
Morisha loves her curls and she loves having options  even more. With her LASIO keratin treatment and Hypersilk  aftercare products, having a bad hair day is never one of them.


If you’re ready to learn how much easier life is when you’re living it frizz-free, visit us at or phone570-424-1157 to speak with a keratin specialist.
Purchase Morisha’s dynamic duo here.
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