Day Trip: Luna Parc

Luna Parc is the home and studio of eclectic artist Ricky Boscarino. The Sussex County, NJ complex is a surrealistic, fairy-tale setting of tile, glass, concrete and painted metal. Born into an artistic family dating back to the time of the Medici, Ricky Boscarino unleashes his artistic genes in a variety of media, including metal, clay, glass, wood and cement.

“The most frequently asked question from people who visit Luna Parc for the first time is: ‘Why do you do this and how did you begin?’

“Why? Good question. And nearly impossible to answer. Somewhere between passion and obsession is partly the truth. I do need a place to live, and maybe that is the bottom line. I need a space to house the spoils of my collecting habit. My collections are not indiscriminate, though. I have very specific interests, quite eclectic, however, and ranging from the tiny shoes worn by Chinese women who had their feet bound or rubble from the streets around the globe that I find amidst my world travels: folk art, mid-century furniture, elaborate Victorian Ceramics, and music machines from the 19th century- just to name a few.

Luna-Parc-3“The challenge is displaying the artifacts and cataloging them for the future generations. For long after I have left the house in body, I plan to haunt the house later on either in spirit or memory.

“In 1988, the moment I laid eyes on this dilapidated hunting cabin I knew this would be the place I would spend the rest of my life. I turned to my realtor and I said, ‘Gail, this is it!’ She looked at me and said ‘It is?’ True story.

“I named the six acres Luna Parc, after a small amusement park on the outskirts of Rome, Italy where my friends and I used to go when I studied abroad for a year during my time at the Rhode Island School of Design. Note Parc has a ‘C.’”

October 11-13, from 4 p.m.
Sale of Ricky’s Jewelry and Pottery at his home Luna Parc

Luna Parc is Ricky’s private residence; however, he shares the property twice a year on only two specific weekends. These are the only times to visit, other than scheduled art institutions and special interest groups. No reservations needed except for groups of 10 or more people. Using GPS? 22 De Groat Road Sandyston NJ 07827.

Ricky also hosts courses in various media, including mosaic tiling and cement sculpting.

Luna-Parc-4Luna Parc is strictly self-supported, with sales of Ricky’s art work, mainly jewelry, but also ceramic sculpture and paintings.


By Karen Tetor

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