Landscaping that Exceeds Expectations

web3Mountain Road Landscaping’s detailed vision was realized despite inclement weather, meeting a three-month project deadline with a sensational finished product. The site – a country estate home, nestled on eight acres among the rolling hills of Cherry Valley – evolved around a new pool installation. It required removing an existing flagstone terrace that was re-purposed for a fire pit patio, and also used in the beautiful dry-stacked stone walls. The space is exceptional, with three different levels of terrace consisting of various-sized shapes, melded together in a simple yet elegant design surrounded with natural stone walls. Equally important are the elements softening the hardscape, such as low-voltage LED lighting, a landscaping surround with a sod lawn, and propane-fired torches and lanterns, “warming” the patio areas to feel like part of the home from inception.

Justin Fallenstein, owner of Mountain Road Landscaping which has locations in the Poconos and Lehigh Valley, said one of the biggest challenges of the project was that the site required a substantial amount of fill to level off the terrace. “We knew with the scale of the patio that one level was not going to work. We wanted the design to flow but needed the feeling of different rooms or areas of retreat,” he commented. “Getting the levels right was also a key to theweb4 ‘infinity’ look allowing us to truly capture the beauty of the bucolic setting.”

The homeowners’ vision was to create a “timeless design” that matched the elegance of the home. Their yard needed to accommodate both relaxation and entertaining friends and family, and the goals were accomplished through “old-wo  rld craftsmanship with the use of modern technology.” Said Justin, “The scope and the efficiency of the design allow for the largest of gatherings, but each area retains the ability to feel intimate and handle a private conversation over a cup of coffee or glass of wine.”

The color palette included grays with splashes of tans to add warmth to the overall feel, and the beige grout pulls colors from the home. A slate finish gives the appropriate look for the setting and complements the abundant use of colonial stone throughout the project. All in all, said Justin, “The property was custom built to soak in the sun while enjoying the simply stunning views.” While he agrees the photos are breathtaking, he said the craftsmanship is best seen on site. For example, a radius step that was cut from six natural bluestone pieces weighing over 600 pounds each is hard to appreciate in a photo. For someone not in the industry, it’s difficult to comprehend the man-hours spent on the finest details in the project, but any spectator instantly appreciates the results born from such precision.

1webWhat’s on trend now is contrast. “We’re seeing a much larger demand for the more modern designs,” Justin said. “We’ve been using smooth-finish products with lighter color grays and black inlays to create some stunning effects.” Mountain Road Landscaping also incorporates design into the foliage. “We like to plant splashes of color, like using foundation plantings of mostly evergreen with color layered in front or grouped in pockets to create a ‘flow’ to the design.”

Preparedness is important, but so is adaptability. It’s preferable to have every detail in order before starting the excavation, but Justin said they sometimes have to change course. What looks amazing on paper might not feel right when the work is in progress.

“Our goal is to exceed our customers’ expectations on every project, and we understand that flexibility is often needed.
I can’t say enough about the amazing people on our team.
It is through their attention to detail and their relentless pursuit of both beauty and function that allows Mountain Road Landscaping to offer a timeless final product.”


For more information, visit their website at www.mountainroadlandscaping.com.

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