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Home is Where the Art Is

By Tom Wilkins, Wilkins & Associates

-5 copyWe’ve all heard that old saying ‘home is where the heart is,’ but today we’re talking about art and your home. Art comes in a variety of mediums, colors, sizes and styles, and includes painting, sculpture, pottery, hanging ornaments, photography and other items. Art can be a colorful print from Pier 1, a painting by one of our many local artists, or artwork from our children in school.

When properly displayed, art adds value to a home whether you’re buying, selling or simply enjoying your home.

My wife and I are great supporters and purchasers of art. While we’re not collectors (purchasing art as an investment), we enjoy the art we’ve accumulated that is displayed at our business and in our home. Since tastes vary, you want to make sure the art complements your home.

Our BHG Business Campus at Shafers Schoolhouse Road and Route 209 in Stroudsburg (the home of Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate Wilkins & Associates, Pennsylvania First Settlement Services and NEPA Management Associates) is an approved art gallery for the Pocono Arts Council. The art displayed at the BHG Business Campus blends with our Class A décor, and we’re very proud to display local arts and crafts here, where it’s all available for sale.

It’s not unusual for our Realtors to show the artwork we have on exhibit, knowing one of their buyers might like the piece for their home. Or, it could be a past client and our Realtor feels one of these pieces would fit fantastically into the home they bought two years ago.-3 copy

If you’re selling your home, staging it is another way you can show that art is where the “heart is.” Our sellers are always advised to remove as many personal items as possible in the home, but they’re never told to remove artwork from the walls, sculptures, kids’ art or professional works that the family owns. These things make a house a home.

In a vacant home for sale, staging, with even minimal furniture but always adding a piece of art, will sell a home more quickly. The National Association of Realtors states that 60% of homes that were staged sell more quickly than homes that were not staged. Staging companies typically have a variety of artwork and/or prints that can be used in different style homes.

That classic Vermont woods scene would go great in a farmhouse-style home. Contemporary art would be perfect for a California Contemporary home. Bi-levels, Cape Cods, ranches and other primary homes will also benefit from a variety of styles of art. I love to see art in the kitchen whether it’s quality collectibles from various places you’ve visited or a bold print that just vibrates on the wall.

Art does not need to be expensive. There are many times that you can purchase art for your home at flea markets and garage sales.

You can purchase local artwork at a very reasonable price and support local artists while enjoying your artwork. In my wife’s and my opinion enjoying art is where the real value is—you get to enjoy it every time you come home, whether it’s in your living room, family room, kitchen or bedroom.

Art comes in many colors, flavors and styles. Enjoy your home by enjoying your art.

Home is where the “art” is.


For more information on Wilkins & Associates, visit www.bhgwilkins.com.

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