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web1There was a time when declining vision meant increasing your lens strength, changing prescriptions, or trying to adjust to reading glasses, bi- or tri-focals. For those wishing to eliminate or reduce their dependency on glasses, there are surgical advancements that can treat many vision issues.

The procedure known as LASIK is typically performed on younger patients who want to reduce or eliminate their need for distance glasses or contacts. LASIK does not wear off or revert; the distance vision will remain corrected. Over time, though, reading glasses might be required just due to the natural aging of the eye.

Another option is multifocal lens implants. Surgically implanted, replacing the natural lens, they don’t require the user to continue to locate the line where the prescription changes like bifocals. Similar to a camera lens, implants correct the vision as light enters the eye and transmits it to the retina.

In 1998, Dr. Frank A. Bucci, Jr. MD founded the Bucci Laser Vision Institute, and added the Angela Theresa Bucci Ambulatory Eye Surgical Center in Wilkes-Barre in 2000. With additional offices in Hazleton, Old Forge, Pittston, Scranton, Swiftwater, Brodheadsville and the newly expanded site in Tannersville, Dr. Bucci is driven by the reward of helping the visually impaired see.

Annual eye exams are always recommended and be aware of your family history of eye diseases. Eye safety – using safety goggles for sports, outdoor activities and at work with certain tasks – is also important. Omega 3s are beneficial in eye health as well, helping the eye to maintain a good oil layer. They may prevent the effects of Evaporative Dry Eye which is becoming a serious concern of many patients.

Dry eye is increasing because of how we rely on computers and phone screens. We stare at those screens for long periods of time, often not blinking as often as we should, which also causes the natural moisture to evaporate off the surface of the eye. A simple tip is the 20/20 rule: every 20 minutes, look away from your screens and blink for 20 seconds.

Dr. Bucci – the sole surgeon in his practice – has performed over 15,000 LASIK/refractive procedures; 5,000 multifocal lens implants; and 35,000 microsurgical eye surgeries (for cataracts). A prolific clinical researcher, he has published over 92 articles in peer-reviewed and trade journals, and is frequently invited to lecture worldwide. A recent clinical trial that he participated in led to the only FDA-approved therapeutic treatment for a corneal disease called progressive Keratoconus.

Free consultations are available where Dr. Bucci will discuss a personalized surgical plan. He also offers free educational seminars every month, an opportunity to meet a surgeon and have your questions answered before deciding if you’re going to have surgery.


For more information call 1-877-DR-BUCCI or visit www.BucciVision.com.

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