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AS Barley Creek Trip and EileenLocal brewpub Barley Creek Brewing Company in Tannersville is turning out New American cuisine, amazing beers on tap, and as of July 2016, breakfast at their Morning Toast restaurant! In addition, some of their brews are now being served at Mountain View Vineyard in Stroudsburg.


Owner Trip Ruvane shared his top-sellers, his favorite dishes and a hint of what’s coming for fall.



Local Flair: Name your top signature dishes.
Trip Ruvane: You can’t go wrong with our burgers and personal pizza. As for signature dishes, there are way too many to list, but I like the short rib taco fajitas and smoked prime rib.

Local Flair: What’s the most common topping on your pizzas?
Trip: There are nearly limitless combination possibilities. One of our guests likes our macaroni and cheese, asked for that as a topping and they loved it! Our most popular pie is the Margherita, which has Pomodoro sauce, basil, fresh mozzarella, Roma tomatoes and oregano.

Local Flair: Your menu gives tips on pairing beer with food. What’s a good rule of thumb?
Trip: Pairing food with beer is a personal preference depending on if you want the beer to complement the food or if you want it to contrast with it.  Something light like the fish ’n’ chips I would recommend one of our lighter brews, like our Iron Arm Belgium or perhaps our Navigator Gold. With a steak, something darker with a little more malt like our Antler Brown or one of our stouts.  Going spicy with a food choice?  Then an IPA and our Rescue IPA or the current seasonal Citrabellum IPA.

Local Flair: How did the partnership with Mountain View Vineyard come about?  
Trip: Linda Rice (co-owner) stopped in, introduced herself and told us the story of how she and (co-owner and husband) Randy just went for it, and opened their business. It reminded me of Eileen and I. Whenever we can, we’ll root for and support local businesses.

Local Flair: Which of your beers are featured at Mountain View Vineyard?  
Trip: The Navigator Gold, the Antler Brown, the Angler Black and the Rescue IPA. We brew over 25 different styles during the year, so seasonal brews will be on the list.

Local Flair: Why did you open Morning Toast?  
Trip: We wanted to see if we could open another restaurant concept that would be unique to the area and we already had the building.  Importantly, I really like breakfast!

Local Flair: Why do you say that the Morning Toast is “not your average breakfast”?
Trip: Not too many places offer a sausage gravy for the biscuits smoked in their own smoker. The coffee is roasted locally by Electric City out of Scranton and so many other ingredients are locally sourced.

Local Flair: What is your favorite summertime dinner?
Trip: I know I can’t go wrong with Barley’s Berry Salad, a hearty spring mix with blueberries, strawberries, goat cheese and candied walnuts drizzled with a blueberry pomegranate vinaigrette.

Local Flair: What about upcoming fall favorites?
Trip: In terms of beer, that’s when you’ll see an Oktoberfest influence, with more dark beers, porters and stouts. In terms of food, apple pie, of course, and we’ll be adding a few more soups to the lineup.

We have over 115 staff this summer season to run the main restaurant, the breakfast restaurant, the food truck and beer garden in the back yard up at the Pint Size Park.  It’s an impressive operation and to see the team deliver quality products in a fun, unique atmosphere at your local brewery, it’s terrific.

For more information, visit Barley Creek beer.on.wall.2

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