Christian Porter: A Jeans & T-Shirt Kind of Guy

Christian Porter describes himself as a simple “t-shirt and jeans kind of guy,” and his modesty is evident. When I told him my five year-old daughter walks around the house singing “Wiggle, Wiggle, Wiggle” while listening to his blind audition performance for the NBC show, The Voice, he blushed and flashed a shy smile. “I have the best job in the world,” he said. “Music is universal. I can speak to anyone of any age or in any country through music.”

When it comes to speaking, he was a late bloomer. At the age of three Christian still wasn’t talking. Finally, he began humming to music when he was four. “I sang before I spoke. It started with shows like Barney, and then my parents started putting more music on TV. My mom said I instantly preferred watching Elton John.”


Christian celebrated his sixteenth birthday at the local Sarah Street Grill, where he was already a paid performer. “In high school I didn’t have many friends because I was always ‘that weird musician kid.’ I was shy, and the stage was always the place I could let go.”

This year, he became a local celebrity and turned twenty-one while in Los Angeles as a contestant on The Voice. His song choice was an acoustic rendition of LMFAO’s “Sexy and I Know It”. “I know I took a chance with that song, but above all I wanted to go out There and Just Have Fun.” Christian said he had a cold the day of the audition. “At that moment I was glad I didn’t choose a different song that relied more on voice and pitch versus attitude because it would’ve sounded nasally.”

The risk was rewarded with a chance to show the world his talent, and feverish excitement swept over Monroe County when three judges turned their chairs. Billboards congratulated him, t-shirts were printed, the show was aired at local bars where people crammed into local bars to watch, and his music climbed toward the top of the iTunes pop charts. “I want to thank everyone for such incredible support,” Christian said. “I feel fortunate. People who live in major cities find it hard to get exposure because there are so many other things going on. I grew up here, and no matter where music takes me, I will always love this town. No matter how much I travel, this will always be home.”

Christian said he chose Blake Shelton as his coach because he felt they had a singer/songwriter connection. Before The Voice, Christian never had personal vocal lessons and describes his experience with Blake and Sheryl Crow as “awesome.” “Sheryl was very helpful technically and vocally. It wasn’t just TV; she really did her job.”

Christian was knocked out of the contest during the battle rounds, but he says there is no room for regrets. “I may not have impressed Blake enough to continue, but I impressed the world, and that’s enough for me.” Christian has also found a new network of people who share his goals, dreams, and serious passion for music. “They’re lifelong friendships, and we’re in constant contact,” he says. “We goofed off and had fun in LA together, but then when it was time to perform, it was serious.”

Recently, Christian used his talent to support various charity efforts. In the future, he looks forward to headlining his own shows at larger venues and also hopes to open for well-known artists on tour.
Twitter: @porterchristian

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