An Amazing Gradient Completes the Look

web1Jim Wilson is a structural engineer who also serves as treasurer on the board of the Pocono Builders Association. He and his family live in a modern, wooded home, but they have always had an awkward front entrance due to their steep front yard and excessive difference in elevation from the street up to the house. They had replaced original timber retaining walls and wood steps with boulders and slab steps approximately 10 years ago, but the solution was inadequate. They had been looking for the right solution since shortly after that work was completed.

“It was unfinished, unattractive and hard to maintain,” Jim said. They hired Gilroy Northeast Inc. to finally address it. “They were the right contractor for the right job to reconfigure the stone staircase,” he added. “They were willing to work at a pace that allowed us to design it as we went.” The Wilsons were confident that Gilroy Northeast could help them realize the vision they had to raise the walkway and create an eye-catching effect. “They definitely achieved it,” Jim said.

“John [Gilroy] and I would meet over the course of a couple of months,” he added. “We were able to create a perfect front entrance from existing materials. Our new wall was built from boulders that we found buried in the same spot. We had no idea we would get so lucky.”

Working with the existing boulders and steps, Gilroy Northeast added new gravel fill to raise the area and create the sculptured look.

“The uniqueness of the project is hard to visualize without seeing it in person. There is a major change in elevation along the walkway that Gilroy helped us to take advantage of, and better accentuate with construction materials and landscaping,” said Jim.

For more information,  visit www.gilroynortheast.com.

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We are the premiere lifestyle magazine of the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania.